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PowerPoint 2010 Upgrade - Differences

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1 hour 14 mins Total duration
4th January 2010 Release Date
26 Videos

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 - 2010 Upgrade The Differences

These 27 short videos will take you step by step to teach you the differences between 2003 and 2010.

Select Content List above to view video content.

You can use the content to build short courses and spend as much or as little time as you have available or simply dip in and out for desk-side support whenever you need it.

You'll notice that all our videos are short so you'll be able to get right to the information you need really quickly. Watch the video - pause, rewind or replay if you like and then test your new skills directly on your live version of PowerPoint. Enjoy!

  • There really aren’t any pre-requisites for using online video training!
    • You don’t need any prior knowledge of PowerPoint 2010
    • You don’t need to have the software loaded on your pc or laptop
    • You don’t need to have attended any previous courses

    • You just need...
      • An active licence for Quasar Anytime
      • The ability to connect to the internet
      • A desire to learn what the differences in PowerPoint 2010 is all about!

    So why not give it a try and there's no time like right now. Check out the Content List and try a video for yourself.

Our videos are short, to the point and on average less than 3 minutes long and let you learn when and how you want. You can take full control of your learning, you can watch a single video or group them together to build the course you need.

  • When you've watched all the videos in this series
      • Understand the man differences between 2003 and 2010
      • Familiarise yourself with topics
      • Apply your skills to your day to day work
      • Refresh your skills if you forget
      • Dip in and out whenever you want
      • Select any topics you need regardless of level
  • Introducing you to Ribbons 2m 57s The Home Ribbon 2m 09s Insert Ribbon 3m 55s Design Ribbon 2m 03s Review Ribbon 2m 01s Slide Show Ribbon 1m 53s Transitions Ribbon 2m 42s Animation Ribbon 2m 32s View Ribbon Fast Track to the Other Main Differences 2m 27s The Screen 3m 02s The Backstage View 4m 25s Open & Save as 2003 2m 14s Screenshot 3m 49s Smart Art 3m 17s The Equation Editor 3m 45s Tables 3m 24s Themes, Colours, Effects & Fonts 1m 38s Headers & Footers 2m 45s Comments & Proofing 4m 08s Charts 2m 00s Backgrounds 3m 00s Applying & Editing Transitions 3m 58s Animations & The Animations Pane 2m 21s Hyperlinks 2m 02s Incorporating Multi Media 2m 31s Photo Album 3m 14s Comparing Slide Shows

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