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Excel 2016
Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels

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3 Short Courses to take you from Zero to Hero in Excel 2016

These 3 short online video courses in Microsoft Excel 2016 have been specially designed for you.

We know you want to learn all about Excel 2016 but we also know that your time is precious and that's the exact reason why we've created them in such small chunks to enable you to dip in and out when it suits you.

You can spend as little as 3 minutes to learn something new or refresh your memory if you've simply forgotten something. Or if you've a little more time available you could start to crack through one of the courses on your journey to becoming an Excel Wizard and supercharging your efficiency and career.

Remember: You are in control of your own learning and development and you will decide just how much you want to learn and when and where you want to learn it - at the office, whilst working away from the office, at home or even on holiday - perhaps not to so much the last one.

One thing's for sure though - You're really going to enjoy your learning experience and as you watch more and more content, you'll get used to the training style and come to recognise just how much your own Personal Trainer that sits right by your side 24/7 is there to help you.

You'll notice that all our videos are short so you'll be able to get right to the information you need really quickly. Watch the video - pause, rewind or replay if you like and then test your new skills directly on your live version of Excel - Enjoy!

Our videos are short, to the point and on average about 3 minutes long and let you learn when and how you want. Start taking control of your learning and efficiency at work, not to mention your career and life.

  • When you've watched all the videos in this series
      • Understand and apply a vast range of Excel skills
      • Familiarise yourself with topics from All levels
      • Apply your skills to your day to day work
      • Refresh your skills if you forget
      • Dip in and out whenever you want
      • Select any topics you need regardless of levels
1 hour 19 mins Total Duration
1st December 2016 Release Date
25 Videos
  • Before the Basics All the bits that are common to all Microsoft Office 2016 Applications
  • Let's Get Started 2m 43s Entering and Editing Data 2m 00s The Formula Bar 5m 03s Dates and Times 2m 53s Inserting and Deleting Columns and Rows 3m 13s Autofill
  • How to Enter your Data 3m 36s Formatting Fonts 2m 57s Adjusting Columns and Rows 3m 36s Formatting Numbers 3m 05s Borders 2m 46s Aligning, Wrapping and Merging Text 3m 24s Moving, Copying and Inserting Data 2m 40s Find Tool 2m 15s Replace Tool 3m 01s Changing Views 3m 53s Inserting Images 3m 33s Creating and Formatting Shapes 2m 25s Add or Delete and Renaming Worksheets 2m 12s Moving, Copying and Deleting Worksheets
  • Basic Calculations 2m 48s Autosum 4m 03s Basic Calculations 3m 35s Absolute Cell References
  • Using Page Setup and Printing 5m 08s Page Setup 4m 18s Page Layout 2m 36s Page Breaks 1m 46s Set Print Area
1 hour 45 mins Total Duration
1st December 2016 Release Date
36 Videos
  • Viewing and Commenting on Data 2m 02s Freeze Panes 1m 49s Split Screen 2m 36s Hiding Data 3m 41s Format as a Table 2m 35s Working with Comments
  • Working with Styles and Formatting 3m 57s Creating and Modifying Cell Styles 3m 06s Conditional Formatting 2m 57s Conditional Formatting - Icon Sets 2m 25s Create New Rules 1m 28s Quick Analysis 2m 16s Creating a Personal Template
  • Working with Formulae and Functions 2m 39s The AVERAGE Function 2m 37s The MAX Function 2m 18s The COUNT Function 2m 42s The MIN Function
  • Sorting and Filtering 3m 07s Sorting 3m 26s Using Filters 2m 27s Grouping Worksheets
  • More Functions and Links 3m 00s Year to Date Calculations 3m 16s Linking Cells 3m 06s Using IF Functions 2m 45s The SUMIF Function 3m 22s The COUNTIF Function 2m 52s Nested IF 3m 14s Using IF with AND 3m 36s Using IF with OR 3m 51s VLOOKUP 3m 25s HLOOKUP 3m 12s Hyperlinks
  • Getting to Grips with Charts 2m 50s An Overview of the Chart Types 3m 25s Creating a Basic Chart 3m 41s Formatting a Chart 2m 42s Chart Elements 2m 35s Updating Data Ranges 3m 04s Creating a Tree Map Chart 3m 03s Sparklines - Mini Charts
1 hour 11 mins Total Duration
1st December 2016 Release Date
25 Videos
  • Database Functions 3m 03s Splitting Data 1m 54s Flash Fill 3m 53s Advanced Options 2m 28s Formula Options 3m 33s Protecting Workbooks and Worksheets 3m 17s Sharing Workbooks and Track Changes 2m 15s Create an Outline Group 2m 53s Subtotals 2m 25s Remove Duplicates
  • Pivot Tables Uncovered 2m 06s Recommended Pivot Tables 3m 12s Creating a Pivot Table 3m 43s Pivot Table Tools Ribbons 2m 39s Formatting a Pivot Table 3m 15s Customising a Pivot Table 2m 35s Changing Pivot Table Data 2m 27s Grouping Data in a Pivot Table 2m 30s Using Slicers to Filter Pivot Tables 3m 43s Pivot Table Timeline 2m 17s Using External Data in Pivot Tables 3m 10s Create a Pivot Table Chart
  • Using the Data Analysis Tools 2m 07s Goal Seek 2m 55s Creating and Using Scenarios 1m 52s Creating Scenario Reports 2m 44s Managing Scenarios
  • Simple Macros 4m 30s Create and Run a Simple Macro

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