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Word 2013 - Introduction

Microsoft Word 2013 Introduction - 1 Day

This one-day course is designed to introduce delegates to the concepts and functionality of a word processor.

Delegates will be able to use Word efficiently and confidently by creating documents to a good standard using simple editing and formatting techniques.

  • Delegates should have a
    • Basic understanding of the Windows Environment
    • Be comfortable using a mouse

    • You do not need
      • Previous experience of Microsoft Word

    If you would like to discuss this course further or wish to enquire if you're at the correct level call us on 08458 62 62 65 we'll be only too pleased to help.

  • By the end of this course you'll be able to
    • Recognise the different elements that comprise the Word screen
    • Create, save and retrieve a document
    • Edit text within a document using controlled deletion methods and utilising the Undo and Redo tools
    • Apply character formatting to enhance the physical appearance of text
    • Adjust the paragraph formatting to control the placement of text on the page
    • Utilise the spelling and grammar checking features
    • Move and copy text within a document and between two different documents
    • Control the way in which the document is seen on screen using the View and Zoom tools
    • Change the margins of a document
    • Change the paper orientation
    • Print the document specifying the range of pages to print and the number of copies required
    • Create AutoText entries to speed the insertion of frequently used text
    • Utilise the Office Assistant & Help features
  • Lesson 1 - Creating a New Document
      • Open Word
      • The Office Button
      • Ribbons & Groups
      • Create a document
      • Saving a document
    • Lesson 2 - Character Formatting
        • Opening an existing document
        • Changing font attributes
        • Apply special effects
        • Printing a document
      • Lesson 3 - The Proofing Tools
          • Checking spelling and grammar errors
          • Adding auto text entries
          • Using the thesaurus
        • Lesson 4 - Alignment & Line Spacing
            • Changing paragraph alignment
            • Changing line spacing
          • Lesson 5 - Indentation & Tabs
              • Indenting using the ruler and indent icon
              • Format paragraph menu
              • Applying hanging indent
              • Setting & moving tabs
            • Lesson 6 - Cut, copy & paste
                • Moving and copying information within a document
                • Copying information into a new document
              • Lesson 7 - Views, Saving, Page & Paper Settings
                  • View Ribbon
                  • Page Layout
                  • Changing margins
                  • Changing paper orientation
                  • Changing vertical alignment
                • Lesson 8 - Printing
                    • Print preview
                    • Editing in print preview
                    • Printing specific page ranges and multiple copies
                  • Lesson 9 - Working with Quick Parts
                      • Inserting Building Blocks
                      • Creating Building Blocks
                      • Create and insert an AutoText entry
                      • Edit an AutoText entry
                    • Lesson 10 - File Handling
                        • Creating new folders
                        • Moving and copying files

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