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Word 2010 - Intermediate

Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate - 1 Day

This one day course is designed to build on basic word processing skills, introducing the delegates to features that will improve efficiency and presentation.

Delegates will be able to produce sophisticated reports utilising automated listing tools and tables, and automate the production of mass mailings.

  • Delegates should have a
    • Attended our Microsoft Word Introduction course
    • AN equivalent knowledge through use

    • You do not need
      • A word processing expert!

    If you would like to discuss this course further or wish to enquire if you're at the correct level call us on 08458 62 62 65 we'll be only too pleased to help.

  • By the end of this course you'll be able to
    • Produce a customised bulleted list
    • Apply automatic numbering to points within a document
    • Create a customised multi-level numbering style and apply it to text
    • Create and modify a Word table
    • Apply controlled borders and shading to a table
    • Calculate using simple formulae within a table
    • Perform a mail merge
    • Produce addressed labels and envelopes
    • Protect a document for opening and editing
    • Perform controlled searches for documents
  • Lesson 1 - Symbols & Bullets
      • Inserting symbols & bullets
      • Customising bullets
    • Lesson 2 - Numbering
        • Applying numbering to a list
        • Restarting numbered lists
        • Continuing numbered lists
        • Multi Level Lists
      • Lesson 3 - Outline Numbering
          • Creating an outline numbered list
          • Applying an outline number to text already typed
        • Lesson 4 - Envelopes & Labels
            • Creating a Single Envelope
            • Creating a Label
          • Lesson 5 - Mail Merge
              • Mail Merge Wizard
              • Create letters using the mail merge process
              • Produce labels using the mail merge process
              • Performing a selective mail merge
              • Using MS Excel as a data source
            • Lesson 6 - Tables
                • Table creation
                • Converting table to text / text to table
                • Table calculations
                • Sorting and Auto format
              • Lesson 7 - File Handling
                  • Limiting opening rights
                  • File Properties
                  • Finding files

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