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PowerPoint 2010 - Advanced

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Advanced- 1 Day

This one day course is valuable to delegates involved with the preparation of presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint as the presentation tool.

Delegates will learn about creating sophisticated slideshows utilising their own design templates and incorporating other office application objects.

  • Delegates should have a
    • Attended or PowerPoint Introduction course
    • Have equivalent experience through use

    • You do not need
      • Previous experience of Microsoft PowerPoint

    If you would like to discuss this course further or wish to enquire if you're at the correct level call us on 08458 62 62 65 we'll be only too pleased to help.

  • By the end of this course you'll be able to
    • Utilise the drawing tools to create impressive flow charts
    • Embed Word and Excel tables in to the presentation
    • Create and format a chart to display organisation structure
    • Import and embed data from other office applications in to the presentation
    • Save the presentation for publication on the Web (HTML format)
    • Create design templates and modify masters in order to create a presentation standard
    • Check design consistency using the Style Checker
    • Create action buttons and hyperlinks to generate links to other slides, other presentations and other applications
    • Effectively display the presentation on screen in a slide show using animated effects and timings
    • Package for CD
  • Lesson 1 - Templates & Backgrounds
      • Creating a Theme
      • Background Styles
      • Formatting Backgrounds
      • Applying Headers and Footers
    • Lesson 2 - Tables
        • Creating a table
        • Table Styles
        • Formatting tables
        • Table layout
        • Insert Excel table
      • Lesson 3 - Organisation Charts
          • SmartArt
          • Create an organisation chart
          • Format & modify the organisation chart
        • Lesson 4 - Drawings & Graphics
            • Use drawing objects to create a flow chart
            • Manipulate graphics
            • Import graphics into the clipart library
          • Lesson 5 - Slide Shows & Animation
              • Transition effects
              • Pre-set animation
              • Custom animation
              • Custom Slide Shows
            • Lesson 6 - Action Settings & Hyperlinks
                • Hide slides in a presentation
                • Action settings
                • Insert Hyperlinks
              • Lesson 7 - Importing & Exporting
                  • Send to Word to Create Handouts
                  • Send to Word in Outline Form
                  • Import from Word
                  • Create a link to an Excel spreadsheet
                • Lesson 8 - Selection Pane & Saving in other Formats
                    • Selection and Visability Pane
                    • Save a presentation in HTML
                    • View the presentation in a browser
                    • Package for CD
                  • Lesson 9 - Working with Masters
                      • Slide Masters
                      • Using multiple Masters

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