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Outlook 2010 - Getting Started

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Getting Started - 1 Day

This course is designed to introduce the concepts of Outlook and the facilities used in everyday working routines.

Delegates will be able to communicate confidently through e-mail and automate their diary management through the calendar utility.

  • Delegates should have a
    • Basic understanding of the Windows enbironment
    • Be familiar and comfortable with using a mouse

    • You do not need
      • Previous experience of Microsoft Outlook

    If you would like to discuss this course further or wish to enquire if you're at the correct level call us on 08458 62 62 65 we'll be only too pleased to help.

  • By the end of this course you'll be able to
    • Read and respond to incoming mail messages
    • Compose, address, check and send e-mail messages
    • Insert attachments into outgoing messages and manage attachments received
    • Create and correspond with contacts
    • Recall messages sent in error
    • Create a personal address book for external and groups of users for frequent distribution
    • Delete unwanted items and restore items accidentally deleted
    • Archive old and unwanted items and restore old items previously archived
    • Manage Outlook items efficiently by organising items in personal folders
    • Create tasks and monitor task progression
    • Manage appointments using the calendar item
    • Schedule meetings with other people in the organisation at a time convenient to all
    • Print Outlook items such as e-mails, address book and diary
    • Apply and create Categories to organise items
    • Find specific items utilising the Outlook search and sort mechanisms
  • Lesson 1 - What is Outlook
      • Group bar
      • Information viewer
      • Toolbar
    • Lesson 2 - Sending Mail
        • Creating an email
        • Sending an email
        • Reading and replying to email
        • Formatting, spell checking and cc
        • Importance and tracking
        • Voting buttons
        • Create an auto signature
      • Lesson 3 - Finding Items
          • Sort and filter Outlook items
          • Use the find facility
        • Lesson 4 - Attachments
            • Reading and saving attachments
            • Sending attachments and shortcuts to other users
          • Lesson 5 - Contacts
              • Add and manage contacts
              • Automate email and letter creation to these contacts
            • Lesson 6 - Out of Office Assistant & Recalling Mail
                • Activating / deactivating the out of office assistant
                • Applying rules for out of office
                • Recall mail sent in error
              • Lesson 7 - Address Books
                  • Creating a personal address book
                  • Populating the address book
                  • Distribution groups
                • Lesson 8 - Folders & Groups
                    • Creating folders
                    • Moving and deleting items
                    • Creating and modifying a group bar
                  • Lesson 9 - Tasks
                      • Creating / editing a task
                      • Marking a task as complete
                      • Assigning a task to another user
                    • Lesson 10 - Appointments & Events
                        • Scheduling / editing appointments
                        • Changing working hours
                      • Lesson 1 - Delegate Access
                          • Give other users access to your mailbox items
                          • Open items of users you have access to
                        • Lesson 12 - Meetings
                            • Schedule meetings
                            • Invite others to your meeting electronically

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