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Excel 2010 - Intermediate

Microsoft Excel 2010 Intermediate - 1 Day

This one day course is designed to build on the basic skills in Excel gained from the Excel Essential Skills course.

Delegates will learn to control their worksheets through navigation techniques, calculate using more advanced logical functions and increase presentation impact using charts, graphs and maps.

  • Delegates should have a
    • Attended our Excel 2010 Introduction course
    • Have an equivalent knowledge through use

    • You do not need
      • To be a mathematician

    If you would like to discuss this course further or wish to enquire if you're at the correct level call us on 08458 62 62 65 we'll be only too pleased to help.

  • By the end of this course you'll be able to
    • Apply freeze panes in large worksheets to control navigation
    • Define and apply range names to speed navigation and calculation within the worksheet
    • Attach printable comments to cells in the worksheet
    • Arrange worksheet and workbook windows to compare two sheet or two books on screen
    • Calculate using functions
    • Create charts, graphs & maps using Excel data
    • Insert pictures and graphics into the worksheet /li>
  • Lesson 1 - Finding your way around a speadsheet
      • Spreadsheet Views
      • Worksheet navigation
      • Freezing panes
      • Splitting the screen
      • Arranging Windows
      • Scrolling two spreadsheets side by side
    • Lesson 2 - Using Named Ranges
        • Creating Named Ranges
        • The Name Manager
        • Using range names within formulae
        • Using named range with the GoTo command
      • Lesson 3 - Adding Comments
          • Creating, editing and deleting cell comments
          • Navigating Comments
          • Displaying comments permanently on screen
          • Printing and formatting cell content
        • Lesson 4 - Building Formulae and using Functions
            • The Function Library
            • Insert Function
            • Create formulae containing the function
            • SUMIF, IF, COUNTIF
            • Create formulae using nested IF statements
            • Create formulae using the AND OR functions
            • Conditional SUM
            • Conditional Formatting
            • Create a table and use the HLOOKUP & VLOOKUP
          • Lesson 5 - Using Text & Date Functions
              • Use the concatenate function to join text from multiple columns into a single column
              • Use the text to columns feature to separate text into columns
              • Use the date function to calculate the time between two dates
            • Lesson 6 - Charts & Graphs
                • Insert Charts
                • Create a Bar Chart from data within your spreadsheet
                • Create a Pie Chart from data within your spreadsheet
                • Change the type of chart within your workbook
                • Change the look and colours within the chart; apply a gradient to the shading
                • Chart templates
              • Lesson 7 - Preparing to Print
                  • Add a picture into a worksheet
                  • Inserting SmartArt

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