In your business right now...

Flesh Eating Maggots

You may have heard the story of the unfortunate lady who returned to the UK from the Ivory Coast, her arm infested with flesh eating maggots. It’s not a nice story but it is a perfect analogy for what’s actually happening in a vast number of businesses right now.

The difference between the poor lady and most UK businesses is that she knew something was wrong. You see, right now, this minute, someone in every organisation is struggling. They're struggling to total some cells and carry them into a second sheet in an Excel spreadsheet. They're struggling to format a report in Word or with a poor calibre PowerPoint presentation. And all these little “maggots” are being hidden.


They’re hidden from their team workers, they’re hidden from their line managers and they’re hidden from the department heads. But we all know that they’re eating away at the efficiency and productivity of the entire business.


It's a fact that most office workers are very inefficient when it comes to using Microsoft Office.

This inefficiency in turn leads to reduced productivity. But let’s be generous and say it only happens to each member of staff once a week. Then let’s halve it again and say all staff struggle on only one occasion each fortnight. That’s every member of staff, twice a month, slowed down for around 5 minutes. In an organisation of any size that can amount to thousands of minutes a month. And all those minutes add up to thousands of pounds.


That’s exactly what these maggots are doing to every business in the same way they were eating away at that poor lady’s arm.


And that’s where we come in, because a small investment in Quasar Anytime will help get this fixed. It’s not a short-term fix, it’s not a course of antibiotics but neither does it take very long to heal.


So if your business or any business you know is suffering from an infestation of flesh eating maggots of their own, then point them in our direction – they can call us on +44 (0)8458 62 62 65 or email us at The Maggot Destroyer@Quasar. Our team of expert Maggot Destroyers will get back in touch straight away.

Your staff will thank you for it. Your board will thank you for it and you’ll start to see the results in next year’s annual accounts.